Where can I find agendas for meetings? And minutes of past meetings?

Look here on the Meeting Documents page.

Where can I find the Council's policy documents?

Look here

Where do I find Travel Information?

Here is our Travel Page. There may be further information about local buses and trains here

Where does the Council meet?

The Council generally meets in the D'Urberville Centre, Colliers Lane, Wool, BH20 6DL. Occasionally it meets in Bovington. Check the calendar.

Where can I find out about our local schools?

Local Primary schools:

Catchment secondary school: Schools admissions process for Dorset

Where can I find out about school closures?


Where is the answer to my question?

Click on the Search icon (magnifying glass) at top right to search FAQs for your keywords. If you can't find an answer to your question, or need help, please let us know.

Where are good cycle routes around Wool

Here's one suggestion

Where is the doctors?

The GP surgery in Wool is the Wellbridge Practice. There is also a Minor Injury Unit/Urgent Care centre in Weymouth open from 0800 to about 2100, which gets good reviews.

Where can I find details of planning applications?

On the Dorset Council planning website


When is the next Parish Council meeting?

Here is the calendar

When is the next Planning Meeting?

The Planning, Recreation & green Space committee meets monthly. Here is the calendar

When can I speak at a meeting?

Time is allocated in every meeting for members of the public to speak. This is usually near the start of the meeting.

When do I need to apply for Planning Permission?

There is advice on the planning page of the dorsetforyou website

When will my rubbish bins be collected

Details are here

When is Wool Parish Council office open?

Office hours and address can be found here


Who are the members of the Parish Council?

Here's the list of councillors

Who is the Parish Clerk?

The Parish Clerk is Jacqueline Hughes. You can contact her here.

Who decides on Planning Applications?

Purbeck District Council makes the decision on each Planning Application. Before that, PDC will ask the Parish Council for its views on each application within the Parish. To get more information, and to see planning applications, here is the planning page of the dorsetforyou website

Who enforces Planning Controls?

There is information on the dorsetforyou planning pages


How do I book a room at the D'Urberville Centre?

Look here

How do I find out what's going on in the Parish?

Look here for a list of events

How can I speak at a Council meeting?

Every meeting of the council has a slot for you to speak. It is usually near the beginning of the meeting.

How do I contact the Council?

The best way is to contact the Parish Clerk. By email, by phone, or in writing.

How does the Parish Council run?

The Parish Council meets on the third Monday of each month. Members of the public are welcome and there is time at every meeting allocated to public participation. The Council has 14 members who have either been elected by the Parish, or have been co-opted by the Council. The Parish Council has a Clerk, who can be contacted here. There are several sub groups:

  • Planning, Recreation and Green Space - meets every first Monday of the month
  • Policy - meets ?

How do I make a Planning Application?

There is a lot of guidance on the planning page of the dorsetforyou website

How do I contact the police?

If life is in danger or a crime is in progress dial 999 To report crime and other concerns that do not require an emergency response dial 101 Sign up for Dorset Police Alerts

How do I report dog fouling and other dog problems?

Responsible Dog Ownership in Purbeck

How do I report a pothole, or flooding?

Contact Dorset Highways

How do I find my way around the website?

  • To get back to the home page, click the Wool Parish Council logo at the top.
  • For the menu, click on the three bar icon at top right.

How do I comment on the website?

You can give feedback on the website here


What are the Council's responsibilities?

The powers and duties, and the manner in which a parish council operates are laid out in local government statute and regulations. The Parish Council has legal responsibilities as an employer, and owner of public land and buildings. Wool Parish Council is responsible for:

  • Allotments
  • Burial Grounds, Cemeteries, Churchyards and Crematoria
  • Bus Shelters
  • Bye-laws – the power to make bye-laws concerning: baths and washhouses (swimming pools), cycle parks, mortuaries and pleasure grounds
  • Community Centres, Conference Centres, Halls, Public Buildings
  • Footpaths
  • General Spending – parish councils can spend a limited amount of money on anything they deem of benefit to the community that is not covered by the other specific responsibilities described in this list
  • Gifts – parish councils may accept gifts
  • Highways – lighting, parking places, right to enter into discussions about new roads and road widening, consent of parish council required for diversion or discontinuation of highway, traffic signs and other notices, tree planting and verge maintenance
  • Land – acquisition and sale of
  • Legal proceedings – power to prosecute and defend any legal proceedings in the interests of the community, power to take part in any public enquiry
  • Litter - provision of litter-bins and support for any anti-litter campaigns
  • Planning – parish councils must be notified of, and display for residents, any planning applications for the area. Any comments submitted to the planning authority by the parish council must be taken into account
  • Postal and Telecommunication Facilities – power to pay a public telecommunications operator any loss sustained in providing services in that area
  • Public conveniences – provision and maintenance of public toilets
  • Recreation – provision of recreation grounds, public walkways, pleasure grounds, open spaces, village greens and playing fields
  • Rights of Way – footpath and bridleway maintenance
  • Seats (public)
  • Signs – danger signs, place names and bus stops signs
  • Traffic Calming
  • War Memorials

What is the history of the Parish?

Here is a short history

What is the location of Wool Parish?

Here is a map showing the boundary of Wool Parish. The parish is covered by the postcode area 'BH20 6'

What is the School Admissions process?

School Admissions Process

What is going on in Wool?

Find lots of events here

What rubbish goes in each bin?

Here are details

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